Thursday, March 23, 2006

Easter Insanity

Our culture has become so overwrought with political correctness that pagan symbols associated with Christian holidays are no longer to be tolerated.

The Star Tribune reports that the St. Paul City Council Offices had to remove a "cloth bunny and pastel-colored eggs with the words Happy Easter" on it.

It amazes me that there are people who actually believe that displaying the Easter bunny is, "advancing the cause of religion." It amazes me that there are people so incredibly ignorant, sensitive, and absolutely insane. But of course this is "not about being politically correct or anything else." This is idiotic--pure and simple. Does Council President Kathy Lantry actually believe this?

This article reads like something you'd find in The Onion.

Our culture is in serious decline if this is what we've come to. We are more worried about pagan symbols "advancing the cause of religion" than we are about just about any other more pressing issue.



Psyclist said...

Insane indeed! Easter is a national holiday. Is that not more representative of a national "advancement" of religion than an easter bunny.

I believe we need more national holidays regardless of the religion "promoted".

It is too bad business interests in the US are not likely to add any holidays, rather they are more likely to want to remove existing holidays to obtain additional "productivity" from the working massess. I really question the motives of the "erasure of religion" that is prevalent in our society. I hear many claiming it is liberal zealouts that want to remove religion from our society and other nonsense. I believe it is more likely to be smoke and mirrors of US business interests.

Keep in mind, the US is nearing the end of its 100-year cycle as the number one economy in the world. UK had it the previous 100, and the Ducth had it the 100 years before that. We are losing our economic edge to the new economic powerhouse-China. This condition is going to have significant impacts on our economy. The consequences of this will be many and will play out in the next 20 years.

Oh, how I go on...

Captain Ron said...

I guess this means that we should remove Santa Claus from all public places too. I mean there are those that contend that since Santa rearranged spells Satan, he is nothing more than a tool of the devil.

That said, Satanism is a religion that is alive and well in this country and there should be no public displays of anything that represents him either.

"Oh look, it's a schooner"

"You dumb bastard, it's not a schooner it's a sailboat"

"A schooner is a sailboat stupid-head"

"You know what?!?!!? There is no Easter Bunny!!!!"

I love that line.

John said...


You make a good point about Santa Claus. Santa Claus is to Christmas as the Easter Bunny is to Easter.

I wonder if the St. Paul City Council has any Santa paraphernalia decorating the building. I don't doubt they do--and they probably don't see the contradiction.

Captain Ron said...

Yeah, somewhere along the line people in this country decided to let Hallmark control their lives.

It seems every 10 years or so they throw a new holiday into the mix so men have an obligation to buy cards presents for women, which always leads to more breakups, which leads to them getting back together with more flowers and's ingenius I tell ya.

However, if you are smart, you lay down the line at the beginning of every relationship...I think you're married already (and I'm sorry) so you're probably already screwed. One of the first things I say is, "I REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE SWEETEST DAY AS A REAL HOLIDAY, PERIOD" Maybe that explains why I'm still single, however, I'm not going to keep screwing myself every time they make a new obligational holiday.

Rant over.

Christmas and Easter should be religious for Christians as they were intended, but we'll never win against commercialization.