Monday, March 13, 2006

Pro-Life Politics: Abortion and the Death Penalty

The Star Tribune, along with much of our culture seems to have forgotten thousands of years of history. In an article that reads like an editorial, Chuck Haga says, that "South Dakota executes a tricky life-death dance," by enforcing the death penalty and outlawing abortion.

Haga presumes his moral convictions upon his reader by drawing parallels between abortion and the death penalty. He clearly believes that those with a pro-life agenda concerning abortion are hypocrites for enforcing the death penalty.

Yet this is the history of our nation--which is rooted in Judeo-Christian morality. We all too quickly abandon the principles upon which this nation was founded.


Mike said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who sees a difference between executing murderers and killing innocent people before they are born.

Captain Ron said...

Check out the article I wrote. It may change how you think.

Psyclist said...

If you contend that an unborn fetus is an innocent human life, what punishment do you believe a women and/or doctor that performs an abortion should be subject to?
Going one step further, what punishment would a woman that does not carry a pregnancy to term be subject to? It could be argued that her actions while pregnant resulted in the miscarriage.

Is capital punishment appropriate?

Captain Ron said...

I don't so much "contend" that a fetus is a human life, since science (not to mention common sense) has already proven that for me.

As far as punishment goes, I would argue that both the mother and doctor should be punished. To what extent? That is hard to say, I would say since the doctor should know better, assuming it's illegal, 5 years in prison. The mother undoubtedly will suffer years of psychological pain, as many post-abortion women do, so how about a year in prison and 2 years of community service in the form of teaching young women about abstinance and birth control?

Your final comment would be impossible to prove, and whatever physical harm she does to herself in the process will be punishment enough.

John said...


I'm not a legislator or judge, so I have not given adequate thought to punishment for doctors who perform abortions or for mothers who abort their babies.

But I do believe capital punishment is the most appropriate punishment for murder.

And yes, I do believe that abortion is murder. Capital punishment should therefore at least be available as a means of punishment for those who perform such acts.

Punishment could and should only be meted out following the same kind of justice and legal proceedings that any murder case would require.

So no natural miscarriage should ever be deemed as an abortion. There is a vast difference between a woman going to an abortion clinic and a woman who miscarries a child through no intent of her own.

Psyclist said...

I would caution you on the outcome of that logic. I made the miscarriage comment because I am aware of more than one person who upon becoming aware of their pregnancy, abused their body with drugs and alcohol on about a week long binge to drive the miscarriage.

Consider if these binges were not successful. There may be irrepairable harm to both the mother and the child.

I see much more complexity and dire outcomes should your vision of abortion and its consquences become near reality.

Just food for thought.

John said...


I doubt we'll find common ground here. But I want to clarify my position for you.

Yes, there will be reprecussions to a nation-wide ban on abortion. But I cannot imagine a worse situation than we already have, with thousands upon thousands of babies murdered each year by a doctor on the authority of their own mother.