Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sportswriters Get Paid For This?

Barry Rozner of the Chicago Daily Herald wrote this in his column today:

"Forgive me if you’ve heard this one before, but it’s difficult to see anyone other than Mark Buehrle winning the AL Cy Young Award in 2006."

What is Rozner thinking? Is he thinking? Mark Buehrle is that much of a lock to win the Cy Young? Give me a break. I can think of at least five pitchers that have a better chance to win the Cy Young than Buehrle.

Former Cy Young award winners Roy Halladay, Johan Santana are obvious favorites, not to mention Randy Johnson, Rich Harden, and last year's winner, Bartolo Colon. Buehrle is a good pitcher, but who, besides a White Sox fan would put him in front of all of these other pitchers?

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CJD said...

I'll follow your lead on who should get it. By the way, I dropped a comment on your "Johnson vs. Wright" blog entry.

Best, CJD