Friday, March 10, 2006

Trouble Still Brewing at St. Thomas University

The Star Tribune published a follow-up article to one they published in January. I commented on the original article, as did Woodchips and Musings.

The original article dealt with two University professors who have lived together for twelve years, yet they were told they would have to rent separate rooms on a University sponsored trip. The two professors said, "It would be hypocritical and duplicitous and was not something we were willing to do."

According to the Star Tribune, "Disagreement over the University of St. Thomas' policy barring unmarried couples from staying together during school trips has intensified into a bigger debate about tolerance at Catholic universities."

It appears that my analysis of the situation was an accurate one. Faculty and student groups are now waging campaigns in support of a gay student group, and "More than 130 faculty members have signed a letter opposing the trips policy, and a dozen faculty members showed their displeasure with it by skipping an event they were to be honored at last week."

St. Thomas has evidently hired faculty and admitted students that clearly oppose the teachings of the Catholic Church. Now they find themselves back-tracking and it has left faculty and students outraged. It is hard to blame them, really. How can St. Thomas be taken seriously when they are trying to balance on an impossibly thin theological tight rope?

Update: The St. Paul Pioneer Press has an article about this as well.

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