Monday, April 10, 2006

Illegal Aliens Voting in Minnesota

Katherine Kersten is a voice of sanity at the Minneapolis Star Tribune. Her column is one of the few things I appreciate about the Minneapolis paper.

Today she writes, "It's much too easy to vote illegally in Minnesota."

Here are some choice snippets from the article:

"Minnesota's voting laws are among the loosest in the country. We are one of only six states that allow same-day registration."

"Some states with same-day registration try to blunt fraud with "provisional" voting. Under this arrangement, election officials set aside the ballots of voters whose eligibility is in question, and count those ballots only after verifying a voter's eligibility. Not in Minnesota. Here we commingle all ballots. After the election, officials may discover that you voted illegally. But your vote has the same effect as any lawful voter's."

"In Minnesota, you can register on election day without showing poll workers one piece of paper. All you need is a "voucher" -- a person registered to vote in that precinct who is willing to sign a sworn statement that you live there.

Can't find a voucher? You can present a document such as a receipt for a driver's license learner's permit with a current address, but no picture. It might be yours, or you might have "borrowed" it from a friend. Poll workers have no way to know."


Let's hope our legislators work to change the law so that only American citizens votes count in Minnesota.

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