Wednesday, April 19, 2006

St. Thomas' Traveling Cohabitation Policy

I have posted on St. Thomas' policies concerning professors traveling on school-sponsored trips before. My first post on the issue came when the issue arose in January. I later wrote about the school's response to developing a clear policy.

St. Thomas has now released an official policy that "will not allow employees who accompany students on university-sponsored trips to room together if they have a romantic attachment to each other and are not married."

President Dennis Dease says the policy is, "about the University of St. Thomas, in its institutional acts, being what it purports to be: a Catholic university."

This is a step in the right direction for the University, but if St. Thomas truly desires to identify with orthodox Catholicism they still have many strides to take. The issues has brought great division within the student body as well as the faculty. This speaks volumes about the university's distance from orthodox Catholicism.

Update 04/25/06 - Katherine Kersten has editorialized on this topic.

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