Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Twins' Shortstop Situation

I generally believe Ron Gardenhire to be a good manager. He often leaves his pitchers in the game past their effectiveness, but I don't often have many criticisms for him. But the way he is handling the shortstop position leaves me baffled.

Jim Souhan tackles the issue well and comes to the same conclusion I do:

"Bartlett has shown enough promise that it is in the team's best interests to determine whether he is their shortstop of the near future, in the near future."

Gardenhire, in defending his decision to play Castro says, ""He just looks right out there next to Castillo," Gardenhire said. "He makes the plays. I really like the way they turn the double play."

Gardenhire's defense sounds like a flighty, emotional answer. Shouldn't he be more concerned who the better player is? Is Castro truly a superior defender? What does Bartlett have to do to win the starting job?

Nick and Nick have more to say at their blog on Gardenhire's baffling choice.

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