Friday, May 19, 2006

Paul: Fresh Perspectives

I recently finished reading N.T. Wright's Paul: Fresh Perspectives. It is a book that I cannot recommend highly enough. Wright masterfully ties together the Old and New Testaments to contextualize Paul's conversion, ministry, and times.

He shows us that there is much more to Paul than we'd ever imagined. Rather than place Paul in the context of the Reformation thinkers--he uses the Old Testament and Paul's own words to recast Paul's theology in hopes of creating a foundation for post-modern ministry.

I have had fairly limited interaction with Wright, as I have only read essays and listened to lectures by Wright until reading Paul. But I am very aware of the controversy surrounding Wright and the New Perspective on Paul.

Perhaps I am naive, but Wright seems to have spent little time in the book arguing for what others would label controversial. His intent seems to be demonstrating an understanding of orthodox Christianity, and showing that to decontextualize Paul from Second Temple Judaism, is to do violence to both the Bible and Paul.

Unless you're the type to read The New Testament and the People of God sometime soon, get this book!

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