Friday, June 30, 2006

Bush Derangement Syndrome Infects the Supreme Court

Conservatives have labeled the unreasonable, mentally unstable mania against the Bush administration "Bush Derangement Syndrome." BDS has infected many, particularly the media, and Congress.

But the infection has now spread to the Supreme Court. In yesterday's Supreme Court Hamdan decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has taken the official position that captured terrorists have the same judicial rights as American citizens.

The Supreme Court, which should be free of political rankings, is now an active participant in fighting the Bush administration's ability to wage war upon the terrorists that would destroy us.

Mark Levin is absolutely correct--this is outrageous. The Supreme Court has essentially made itself an enemy of the nation's national security. It has usurped authority the Constitution never gave it. Wars are to be waged by the President and the executive branch.

Hamdan and Kelo are two of the most egregious Supreme Court decisions in recent memory. Our nation and its leaders must ensure that the Supreme Court is filled with competent judges, free of political ideology, and who take the Constitution seriously.

Update: National Review has an editorial on the Hamdan decision that seems pretty much on target. They write, "the Court... has effectively signed a treaty with al Qaeda for the protection of its terrorists..."

Thursday, June 22, 2006

WMD's Found in Iraq

A newly declassified document reports that the United States has found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Critics of the war have been calling President Bush and his administration liars, and charging them with lying to the American people and the world in an effort to go to war.

Despite the administration having been vindicated, I have absolute confidence that liberals and the media (am I being redundant?) will downplay this report, and may even attempt to discredit it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I Have Never Listened to Derek Webb...

I went through a brief phase in my youth, when I listened to "Christian" music--which is to say Michael W. Smith. I have all of his albums from The Michael W. Smith Project to Change Your World. I gradually stopped listening to him as my musical tastes expanded and developed. I haven't looked back--I haven't purchased a "Christian" album in years.

Even at the insistence of friends, telling me that Derek Webb is different--I have resisted listening to Christian musicians. I cannot escape the fact that "Christian musicians" are inferior to "secular" musicians.

But I just came across an interview with Derek Webb that grabbed my attention at Denny Burk's blog. The tag line, "The whole secular/Christian thing…is a total fiction…" grabbed my attention.

Webb argues that what is labelled as Christian music is not inherently Christian. Music labels promote bands they believe will sell above other concerns. He is not afraid to proclaim Christian music as "poor art." You can read the interview for yourself, from Relevant Magazine.

Webb has it right when he says, "We should learn how to chew on the meat, spit out the bones, to discern the truth and beauty, to commend that..." Secular music challenges the listener more than Christian music. Those who listen to secular music must listen carefully and critically--never accepting everything they hear as truth. In the words of Webb, they must always be "chewing." Those who listen to Christian music primarily are lulled into a false security--digesting the music uncritically and without hesitation.

Perhaps the most worrisome result of the Christian music industry is the blurring distinction between music for entertainment and music for worship. As soon as Christian musicians gained a foothold in Christian stereos, the same music was introduced into church services, and has since become fully established as a part of the worship of a large majority of Christian worship services.

Hence, Christian worship has become entertainment, and our worship has become something that we do to please ourselves, not exalt our God.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Twins Season Summarized in One Box Score

I didn't watch the Twins' game tonight, but simply by looking at the box score, I can imagine what it must have been like to watch it. In fact, it seems to nearly summarize the Twins' problems this season almost perfectly.

Carlos Silva (who pitched well last year, and probably above his head) got beaten around like a pinata. 6IP 10H 5R 1BB 2K 94 pitchesThat line is ugly--just ugly.

Then a frustratingly inept former pitcher, relegated to the bullpen does even worse--Kyle Lohse.
2.2IP 4H 4ER 3BB 3K 64 pitches.

Willie Eyre was brought in just to put everyone out of their misery and put an end to the game. He got an out in 3 pitches. It took Lohse an average of 8 pitches per out!

The hitters are just as frustrating. They hit 13/35 for an average of .371, and walked 8 times. On the surface, you'd think they did well. But they left 25 men on base. Hunter alone, left nearly a third of those on base himself.

Of course, third baseman Tony Batista was his usual self--1/5. And Juan Castro went 0/4.

Naturally, Joe Mauer was 2/3 with two walks. But he did so without leaving any runners on base.

I can only imagine the frustration those who saw the game must have felt. It epitomizes the plight of the team this season.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Where, O Death is Your Sting?

The death of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi has once again reminded the west of the evil of Islamo-fascism. Responding to the death of Zarqawi, Al Qaeda in Iraq has said,

"We want to give you the joyous news of the martyrdom of the mujahed sheik Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. The death of our leaders is life for us. It will only increase our persistence in continuing holy war so that the word of God will be supreme."

This is evil, pure and simple. These terrorists and their supporters prize death rather than fear it, or lament it. There is no sting in death for the Islamic terrorist, rather there is perverse adulation. The silver lining in this for the west, is that a culture of death will eventually kill itself. Where death reigns, no life will be sustained. The culture of Islamo-fascism is an inherently self-defeating one. The west will have its victory--but at what cost to us?

For more on the Zarqawi love-fest, read his family's reaction to his "martyrdom."

Friday, June 02, 2006

A Perfect Commentary on America

Britney spears has a "manny"--that is a male nanny to "do all the things her husband Kevin Federline did before he reportedly flew the coup recently." If I wasn't so cynical already, this would probably make me cry.

Spears, of course is married to Kevin Federline, a despicable type of man, who impregnates women and abandons them. It seems that Federline has walked out on Spears (who wouldn't?), and attempting to fill his void, she has hired yet another emasculated man, to do what her husband should be doing.

But Spears is the emasculating type. What kind self-respecting man, could ever marry such a woman as Spears? Not only that, but she seems to have trouble being the maternal type as well. What an upside-down world we have made for ourselves!

Funny '80's Videos

I found this video of Darth Vader telling Emperor Palpatine that the Death Star blew up on The Corner.

And a friend sent me this video of a live-action version of the first level of Super Mario Brothers.

What did we ever do without the Internet?