Friday, June 30, 2006

Bush Derangement Syndrome Infects the Supreme Court

Conservatives have labeled the unreasonable, mentally unstable mania against the Bush administration "Bush Derangement Syndrome." BDS has infected many, particularly the media, and Congress.

But the infection has now spread to the Supreme Court. In yesterday's Supreme Court Hamdan decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has taken the official position that captured terrorists have the same judicial rights as American citizens.

The Supreme Court, which should be free of political rankings, is now an active participant in fighting the Bush administration's ability to wage war upon the terrorists that would destroy us.

Mark Levin is absolutely correct--this is outrageous. The Supreme Court has essentially made itself an enemy of the nation's national security. It has usurped authority the Constitution never gave it. Wars are to be waged by the President and the executive branch.

Hamdan and Kelo are two of the most egregious Supreme Court decisions in recent memory. Our nation and its leaders must ensure that the Supreme Court is filled with competent judges, free of political ideology, and who take the Constitution seriously.

Update: National Review has an editorial on the Hamdan decision that seems pretty much on target. They write, "the Court... has effectively signed a treaty with al Qaeda for the protection of its terrorists..."

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Mike said...

Excellent. I would assume the terms of the treaty include that we are free to fly Predator drones into their mosques, cut off the heads of any and all detainees in Gitmo, and that we can burn anything and everything we can find if some reporter on Al-Jazeera says that a Bible somewhere was placed in a toilet.

Let the games begin! I love treaties!