Friday, June 02, 2006

A Perfect Commentary on America

Britney spears has a "manny"--that is a male nanny to "do all the things her husband Kevin Federline did before he reportedly flew the coup recently." If I wasn't so cynical already, this would probably make me cry.

Spears, of course is married to Kevin Federline, a despicable type of man, who impregnates women and abandons them. It seems that Federline has walked out on Spears (who wouldn't?), and attempting to fill his void, she has hired yet another emasculated man, to do what her husband should be doing.

But Spears is the emasculating type. What kind self-respecting man, could ever marry such a woman as Spears? Not only that, but she seems to have trouble being the maternal type as well. What an upside-down world we have made for ourselves!

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