Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Twins Rotation Rollercoaster

The Twins have optioned Boof Bonser to AAA Rochester. They have not announced who will take his place on the roster, though the Star Tribune anticipates it will be Pat Neshek.

The unfortunate news is that Kyle Lohse is expected to take Bonser's place in the rotation. Lohse has not done much of anything to increase his trade value, so it seems the Twins are willing to take the chance that he will redeem himself in the rotation.

Lohse is a better pitcher than he has shown this season, so there is some hope. But Lohse could make it even more difficult for the Twins to make up ground on the Tigers and White Sox.

Scott Baker is the better fit for the rotation. Neshek should take Willie Eyre's spot in the bullpen. These two moves would make the Twins even more competitive and threatening to opp