Friday, October 06, 2006

Mohler on Books and Libraries

Al Mohler has a good blog entry about how, "the books we collect, display, and read tell the story about us."

He writes, "When I think of my closest friends, I realize that I am most at home with them in their libraries, and they are most at home with me in mine. Why? Because the books invite and represent the kind of conversation and sharing of heart, soul, and mind that drew us together in the first place."

As one who finds it difficult to part with any book that I've read, I understand Mohler's view on books and reading. He is on the mark when he says, "The books we collect, display, and read tell the story about us."


Charles Evertz said...

I read this post as well and enjoyed it. Alyssa and I were fortunate enough to see his library when we were at the SBTS preview conference last spring. A highlight for me was that he had some of Charles Spurgeon's original sermon notes. Besides this were thousands upon thousands of books. He actually has a website to track all his books!!

Hindto said...

Hey...long, lost relation! I think we are cousins (somehow) I'll have to ask Faye to be sure. Your dad and my dad are 1st cousins. Anyway, long story short, I ordered a book for a friend in our church off Amazon (I get free 2-Day shipping) and when I punched in the title for him, bang...I saw Ardel's name. So I told Faye, who sent me over your blog and your dads!

We are bloggers over here too. If you want to check it out...

I've been blogging for over a year. Love Al Mohler, Love C.J. Mahaney, love Southern. Got like 5 or 6 kids there from our church attending. You and your dad ever been to Together for the Gospel?

Anway, rambled on long enough...Nice "meeting" you, even though Im sure we've met at a wedding or funeral or something.

Karen Hindt (Anderson)

Hindto said...

You wouldn't happen to have Darrell and Becky's email would you? I'd love to catch up with her again!