Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Denny Burk on N.T. Wright

Denny Burk is running a series on the anti-American nature of the writings of the proponents of the Fresh Perspective on Paul.

His first post asks the question, "Is the Apostle Paul Anti-American?" He uses two quotes from N.T. Wright and one from Richard Horsley that demonstrate the anti-American nature of their writings. It is clear that neither writer is enamored with virtues of America and especially its foreign policy.

He concludes the first post by writing, "Over the next couple of days before I present my paper, I am going to introduce what this “Fresh Perspective” on Paul is and why it amounts to a theology of anti-Americanism."

His second post explains why he believes the theology behind the Fresh Perspective's is so anti-American. He explains N.T. Wright's position from Paul: Fresh Perspectives well, at least from my memory. It is a position I found very convincing, though I found Wright's anti-Americanism disturbing from one who is so otherwise rational and fair-minded.

I look forward to reading Denny's next entries, and perhaps his paper on the matter. But it seems to me that he is too generous in linking the theology of the Fresh Perspective to anti-Americanism. I am not so generous, and am inclined to believe that the bias existed prior to any textual or theological discoveries.

N. T. Wright on the whole seems to get much right, at least in my limited interaction with his writings. But his politics leaves much to be desired. He has a rather low view of we Americans, and an altogether too high view of loathsome characters such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu among others. Wright, like all of us, has his blind spots, and this is one of them.

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