Thursday, November 30, 2006

When Your Money Isn't Yours

Now that Minnesota has recorded a record $2.2 billion budget surplus, liberals are telling us that the surplus shouldn't be returned to the fleeced tax payers, but instead should be spent or saved.

The Star Tribune has an editorial today trying to convince its readers that the surplus "isn't as big as it looks." The editorial's goal is clearly to persuade Minnesota taxpayers that they haven't been cheated, and that we have no claim on the little bit that is there, because we won't be able to pay enough taxes in coming years, so it is best served as a financial reserve.

Their ridiculous claim flies in the face of reason. The surplus is tantamount to robbery. The government has overtaxed us by over $2 billion dollars, and many don't want to give the money back. The budget has ballooned in the past decade and we need to exercise responsibility. Taxes should be cut to ensure this kind of surplus doesn't happen again.

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