Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It Isn't Enough

The Star Tribune has an editorial response to Governor Pawlenty's budget proposal. As one would imagine, their position is that Pawlenty isn't spending enough money. The last paragraph really sums it up perfectly:

"That means it may be up to Minnesotans who expected more from state government this year to convey that message to their representatives. These are the good years in the economic cycle, and the top earning years for the big boomer generation. These are the years to fill the granaries -- that is, to build the infrastructure, tune up health care, and invest in the human capital that tomorrow's prosperity requires."

It is there, plain as day, they want to take money from the top tax bracket to give it away to everyone else--all for the "children," or as they say, "human capital that tomorrow's prosperity requires." What more needs to be said to prove that they are nothing but socialists at the Red Star?

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