Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gore's Hypocrisy

Al Gore wants you and I to reduce our "carbon footprint" and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and so on, yet he uses more energy in one month than the average American househould does in one year!

A Gore spokeswoman responded that the Gore's drive a hybrid SUV, use compact fluorescent bulbs, and are installing solar panels. That is fine, I suppose, but how can one such as Gore demand everyone else reduce their energy usage yet he himself use so much?

This is of course typical of the left. They demand of everyone but themselves, "the elite," or "privileged." They are the only ones immune from their own demands. It is utterly ridiculous, and this demonstrates that Gore himself isn't willing to sacrifice as he calls others to do. How serious a threat is global warming when one of its high priests won't even live by his credo?

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