Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Pat Neshek Interview

Seth Stohs has an excellent interview with Twins relief pitcher Pat Neshek. The most revealing bit of information in the interview is that Neshek is working on a new pitch during spring training. Here is what he writes,

"I think I'm going to go back to a pitch I threw a little in 2004. It's basically a submarine fastball, kind of like Chad Bradford, Wes Littleton or Cla Meredith's. All my pitches are thrown from the side and this one is coming from under…I throw it as hard as I can and it sits around 84-86 with a lot of sink. I'm going to use this for lefties and it'll get a lot of groundballs hopefully. This will be a big pitch if I can master it."

If Neshek can pitch better against left handed hitters, he will be even more dominant. Last season righties hit .140 against him, but lefties hi .244. He also gave up four home runs to lefties in 12IP, versus two home runs to righties in 25IP.

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