Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Spring is on the March

The snow has begun to melt here in Minnesota and forty-degree temperatures are upon us. More snow and more cold is in the forecast yet, but now that spring training is here--there is little the weather can do to dull the optimism baseball fans now possess.

The long awaited sights and sounds of spring and the baseball season have arrived. Pitchers and catchers have all reported to their spring training facilities and position players must arrive by the end of the week. Soon exhibition games will be played and rosters will be set.

I for one can hardly wait for the first pitch to be thrown, for scouring the box scores from the previous night, for looking for the diamond in the rough on my fantasy league waiver wire, for Johan Santana to strike out the side, for Joe Mauer to hit another clutch home run, and for another Twins pitcher to prove himself like Francisco Liriano last season.

Play ball!

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