Thursday, March 29, 2007

Minnesota Tax Outrage Continues

The newly elected Democratic majority in Minnesota continues to assault Minnesota taxpayers. Their most recent Socialist scheme is to raise state income taxes across the board by $900 million dollars. Evidently they are so brazen as to assume that none of us either remember the details of the $2.2 billion budget surplus or they are arrogant enough to think we bought their silly obfuscations about it.

The Star Tribune states,

"Money raised would allow the Senate to nearly double its K-12 spending, with funding not only for special education, but also for general classroom formula increases to districts across the state. Bakk said there also would be funding for early learning and tuition relief for higher education."

How is nearly doubling the state's education budget responsible fiscal policy? Were this in The Onion, I would be laughing. Because it is in the state's biggest newspaper, I'm outraged and angry.

Senate Taxes Chairman Tom Bakk says, "We need to be honest about the fact that the (2000) tax cuts were unsustainable." Pardon me, Senator, but if the tax cuts are "unsustainable," how can it be that we now have a $2.2 billion budget surplus?!

"The alternative, he said, would be bare-bones education increases and paltry property tax relief." Excuse me, but what is wrong with that? Is "Big Education" guaranteed huge spending increases each budget cycle?

The article continues, "'There is no money for what we need to do' without a general tax increase, he said." Bakk seemingly believes that the Democratic takeover of the Minnesota legislature has ushered in a Socialist mandate.

Once again, thank you, Minnesota voters. Were I and my family to not bear these burdens along with you, I would tell you that you get what you voted for and laugh at your sadism.

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