Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eminent Domain Abuse in Minneapolis

The Hennepin County Board voted today to take possession of the land to be used for the future Twins Stadium. The Star Tribune article did not state what rationale the board used for the seizure. It does state that, "he site's purchase price will be worked out later." The article went on to state,

"To settle on a price, a three-person court panel is expected to hear
arguments next month and issue a decision in June, said developer Rich
Pogin of Landowners II, the group that owns the site. Either side can
appeal the panel's decision, and a price would then be decided after a
jury trial, he said."

So there is hope that the landowners will get a fair price, but this land seizure appears to be nothing short of a scandalous abuse of eminent domain. We can all thank the Supreme Court's decision of Kelo vs. The City of New London for strengthening the hands of those already in power and overrunning the rest of us in the name of "economic development."

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Psyclist said...

Wasn't there some addditional background regarding this site? I thought that the buyer and seller agreed on a price, prior to legislative approval of the site as a new ballpark. And, once the legislature approved the use as a ballpark, the seller raised the asking price (ie, profiteering based on a legislative act)

John said...

The price was not settled when the legislature passed the bill. This USA Today story has some background about the deal.