Thursday, April 19, 2007

Joe Mauer Profile

I used to read NWA World Traveler magazine on a regular basis. As a NWA Platinum Elite member I put in many hours on Northwest Airlines planes. Those days are far behind me now. But I stumbled upon one of the most interesting articles I've read in the magazine--a profile of Joe Mauer.

It is an interesting read--the kind of article meant to appeal to a wide audience--not simple baseball fans. The article states that his older brother, Jake, who was drafted in 2001--the same year as Mauer, is now a coach in the Twins minor league system.

Jake even has a funny story about Joe's ability to play golf as a rightie. It sounds like Joe is the kind of guy we all envy--he's good at anything he does even if it is the first time he's done it.

I commend the article to you.

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