Thursday, August 30, 2007

Missed Memo

According to Reuters the controversial film Brokeback Mountain is a "gay cowboy classic." As I see it there are two problems with this label.

Firstly, how many gay cowboy movies are there? This is the first that I am aware of, so to call what may be the only film in a subgenre a classic is a rather silly acclamation.

Secondly, to label a film that is only two years old a "classic" of any variety smacks of presumption and gall on the part of the critic.

Evidently I have missed the memo on Brokeback Mountain. As many of you might imagine, the thought of me watching this film would (and should) provoke laughter. I am a fan of "classic westerns" but to suddenly install Brokeback into that genre is ridiculous and will not be well received by this critic at least.

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