Monday, June 08, 2009

Census and Secession

Gary Barnett has a fascinating and compelling article regarding the upcoming 2010 census and why it is yet another reason we should move toward secession. I believe he is correct, and believe that secession is the only means of reclaiming our lost liberties and starting afresh.

Perhaps the most interesting fact in the article concerns the census' purpose and setting the number of representatives in the House of Representatives.

The federal government was given the power to complete a census in order to determine the number of representatives required by law based on population. The founders envisioned one representative for every 30,000 people.

But I did not realize that the number of representatives has been set at 435 for the past 100 years. So our representation is set for a population of approximately 13 million, yet our population is 300 million! We should have closer to 11,000 representatives in the House according to Barnett.

Think about the implications of this! It is astounding--the House has become an elite club largely because of the exclusivity of it. The founders clearly envisioned a legislative body well represented by the population of the country, and it has become an elite group by limiting access to it. Imagine if the money allotted to each campaign were distributed to twenty-five other campaigns! The House would be an attainable electoral goal for the average citizen, not an elitist club where millions of dollars are spent by each candidate. Imagine the gridlock in Washington with 11,000 representatives! A third party might be viable under such a system.

Barnett concludes that our current census serves no purpose and is unconstitutional as a result. Its purpose is no longer relevant to our government, yet it persists invading upon the privacy of all Americans and wastes billions of dollars. He argues that the answer is secession. He writes:

This is serious business! It is important, it is imperative, and time is of the essence! Any secession from this tyrannical government, whether by states, portions of states, or regions, will require gargantuan efforts by individuals. This government will never be receptive of any plan to limit its power, and secession is a virtual elimination and negation of centralized government. No break from this behemoth can or will be achieved through government action or government process. That would be an exercise in futility and would fuel even more oppression. It will require that those involved, whether individuals, groups of individuals or entire states, not obey any unconstitutional or unjust federal law. As should be evident, this will be no easy task, but the rewards of victorious secession are freedom, liberty and prosperity."

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