Thursday, June 11, 2009


Douglas Wilson has just posted a great post concerning Christian freedom and economic freedom. The whole post is well worth the read. Read it all, but the conclusion cannot be missed:

"I wrote before that trusting the markets was simply another way of trusting God. This is what I mean. Compare the markets to driving on the highway, and the basic traffic regulations (like "drive on the right") are the laws that God has given us concerning our financial lives. Don't steal. Fulfill your contracts. Don't defraud. As long as someone is driving on the right, and is not careening down the road at ninety, it is absolutely none of my business where he is going, and what snacks he might be eating on the way.

The economic control freaks don't want to agree on a few basic rules for the game; they want to determine the outcome of the game, and every move by every player during the course of the game. They are, in short, aspiring to deity, something which in another era would have excited more opposition from Christians than it has now."

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