Friday, June 05, 2009


Here is an excerpt from Lew Rockwell's book The Left, The Right, and The State worth pondering:

"We flatter ourselves into believing that our central planning mechanisms are imposing not socialism but freedom itself, with Iraq as the most obvious example and the reductio ad absurdum, all in one. Here we have a country that the United States invaded to overthrow its government and replace it with martial law administered by tanks on the street and bombers in the air, a controlled economy complete with gasoline price controls, and handpicked political leaders, and what do we call it? We call it freedom.

And yet some 15 years ago, when Saddam invaded Kuwait, threw out its leaders, occupied the country and attempted to impose a new government, the US president called it an aggression that would not stand. He took us to war to send a message that the sovereignty of states must be considered inviolate. It seems that everyone got the message except the United States."

I supported the war in Iraq from the beginning until very recently. It is Rockwell's reasoning along with others of the same mind that have persuaded me. Take a look back, the record is still there for all to see.

But please consider Rockwell's words. If you don't think the government is capable, competent, or in the moral position to plan our own economy and state, why should we believe it is able to plan another?

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