Thursday, June 25, 2009

Unintended Consequences?

I ran across this video on Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity this afternoon. Commentary on this would be extraneous.


Pilgrim said...

Ain't it wild when you find out the guys you've been rooting for are really playing for the other side?

John said...


This is beside the point, but I often wonder how much "our leaders" really know. I can't help but wonder if they are as dumb as everyone else and simply listen to "the experts."

Of course, that begs the question, are "the experts" maliciously self-serving, or are they too that dumb?

Either way, it is time to sack 'em all and start over.

Pilgrim said...

Well, right. It's kinda like trying to show people who "walked the aisle" and "prayed the sinner's prayer" 30 years ago that being a Christian is about a whole change in your life, not a momentary experience or rote confession.

"They know not what they do?" There certainly may be some truth there. There is a staggering dearth of understanding on the part of political leadership. They are staggeringly ignorant of what is really at stake. So drastically are they clueless, it seems willful. Republicans/conservatives have been happy to wage the culture war for forty years so long as the Christians kept voting, but they never understood that at the root of it all are real worldview issues, "true Truth." They think it's just as much a matter of control as the socialists/Democrats, because they've all of them bought the lie that there is no truth, only power.

To tweak Richard Nixon: "We're all Nietzschians (or Marxist Dialecticians) now."