Monday, July 13, 2009

Reputable Metals Dealers

I've been urging my readers to put their money into metals for months now. Here are six companies that I've dealt with either personally or friends have used. I recommend using them for the standard gold and silver bullion purchases. (Don't let any of them talk you into numismatic coins. Email if you're looking for more information on buying bullion.)

GoldMoney - This is an easy way to put money into metals and have easy access to it. The metals are stored either in London or Zurich and you pay a small percentage each month for storage and insurance. I highly recommend using this for liquidity purposes.

BullionVault - This is another company similar to GoldMoney, though it is not as liquid.

Lear Capital - Lear's prices are very competetive and you can order online. If you want to try them, get a coupon here for free shipping on your first order.

The Money Changer - Here's a good honest metals dealer that has been in the business for a long time.

Northwest Territorial Mint - If you're willing to wait for your metals, their sometimes cheaper prices are worth it.

Gainesville Coin - A friend from church put me onto them. This is the rare company that allows you to pay with a credit card and even order online. Their prices are competitive and they ship quickly.

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