Sunday, August 30, 2009

Christians Must Renounce Socialism

"Christians need to renounce the systems by which their fellow citizens plunder each other, either within or outside the law. They should earn their livings by providing goods and services to people who find them valuable enough to pay for them willingly." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 312

"To oppress the poor, in the biblical sense, does not mean to maintain a social system of inequality, but to despoil people and reduce them to poverty by means of false measures, oppressive laws, and corrupt judges. On this showing, poverty is not a permanent condition, defining the essence of a person, but a circumstance to be assuaged by the restoration of justice or by charitable help until the poor person can resume his normal status in society, one in which he contributes rather than being the recipient of contributions." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 313

"Distributory justice...occurs when people redistribute their own propery, not that of others." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 316

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