Friday, August 21, 2009

Education and the Intellect

"When college students are unable to identify Socrates, Hamlet, and Elijah, it is clear that the common understanding has been fragmented. This is the failure, not of intelligence, but of its communal manifestation. Barzun belives that one reason intellect is collapsing is that it is hated, and hated because it is envied as a sign of superiority. Therefore, he expects that anti-intellectualism will increase apace with equalitarian sentiment. The fortunes of the common culture will fare poorly." Idols For Destruction page 270

"But now rot is what is taught in many college classrooms: religious propaganda such as naturalism, historicism, and statism, covered in scientific garb. Students are left defenseless because they are untrained in discerning the religious assumptions that underlie what they are taught. They hear in lectures and read in history or economic books that it is inevitable that the excruciating problems we face be countered increasingly by state power to which we must give allegiance, and they see no alternative to accepting it. Then they graduate and teach it to children in the schools." Idols For Destruction page 272

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