Monday, August 31, 2009

Wealth Disparity and Envy

"How can we accept great disparities in wealth? Largely because in the absence of force or the threat of force personal property reflects the worth of the goods and services an individual has given up for it; in a free economy value is received in return for value given... There is, moreover, no way that an optimum distribution of wealth can be obtained except by giving some people the power to expropriate what others have, and this is not a power that can be given legitimately nor discharged responsibly." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 318

"The current revulsion against capitalism, the widespread assumption that profit is tainted, is based on false reasoning and the deep immorality of envy, unable to tolerate that another should have more or be perceived as being in any way superior."Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 318

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