Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Christian Culture is a Deviant Subculture

"...the true Christian community will be what sociologists call a deviant subculture. In political terms, it may be regarded as subversive in the sense that it is radically and consciously attempting to subvert the values of society and the institutions that represent those values. Marching to a different drummer than their neighbors, these Christians are likely to appear threatening to many, and yet to some strangely attractive." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 321

"Dissident communities need to be more than collections individuals if they are to avoid disintegration. If they are churches, they must exemplify the organic bond that can only be found in the body of Christ... An association that merely occupies its members for a few hours a week reinforces the fragmentation of the individual's life among numerous loyalties and makes it virtually impossible to build genuine community. The resulting privatized kind of religion tends to be completely ineffectual." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 321

"Deviant subcultures can survive only if they form permanent and effective communities to stand in opposition to the larger society. In sociological terms, they need to have "plausibility structures" that will support their deviance and that can only come from a close community of like-minded deviants." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction page 321

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