Monday, September 21, 2009

A Profile in Restraint

Jan Helfeld has an insightful interview with Senator Harry Reid. It isn't clear when the interview was done, though Reid appears younger in the video than he does now.

Jan Helfeld exercises amazing restraint, as he neither yelled at, swore at, or punched Reid. Were I the interviewer, I confess I may have resorted to one of those wrong responses.

In the video, Reid contends that ours is a voluntary system of tax. Reid is either deulsional, a liar, or nitwit. Watch and see.

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Psyclist said...

That is funny. I figured the way Reid was arguing was because of some definition of our tax system. I did a google search and found this:

What is obvious to some (like you and me and the interviewer) is that we are compelled to pay taxes.

It reminds me of when George Bush and Rush Limbaugh denied we were in a recession or entereing a recession because we didn't meet the definition of a recession...two consecutive quarters of declining GDP...or somthing.

What does it matter if it (voluntary tax system/acknowledgement of a recession) meets an arbitrary definition, when the popular understanding makes you appear a buffoon.

John said...

Scott, you're right about the IRS. The Dept. of Justice Tax Division webpage states,

"The Tax Division’s mission is to enforce the nation’s tax laws fully, fairly, and consistently, through both criminal and civil litigation, in order to promote voluntary compliance with the tax laws, maintain public confidence in the integrity of the tax system, and promote the sound development of the law."

They want us to pay voluntarily because they don't want to look bad enforcing the tax system with the threat of violence. That would be bad PR. Heaven forbid that the criminals actually appear as such.

As for Bush and Limbaugh, one could forgive them because their knowledge of economics is quite limited. But then again, one could argue they should know better.

bobbydale said...

Reid tried to make the other countries sound so awful: "The employer takes all your taxes out. You don't have to fill out any tax return."

That doesn't sound so bad to me.

A. B. Caneday said...


Kfin said...

I, like you, wanted to inflict harm on Mr. Reid.