Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Reforming Society

"There is an almost infinite number of ways one can stand against the powers. We are not limited to either acquiescence or law-breaking. Once we reject passivity, we can consider how to carry on the struggle. There are speeches, demonstrations, petitions, withholding of services, letter-writing, marches, economic boycott, selective disobedience, refusal to serve the state, ignoring of government directives, stalling and obstruction, overloading the administrative system with excessive compliance, and so on. Should the system worsen, of course, there is always the possibility of making oneself vulnerable to prosecution." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destructionpage 328

"Prior to sabotaging the establishment, however, we should consider how to change its course. Perhaps we could turn the powers away from idolatry and toward the establishment of the rule of justice. Proclaiming the gospel is fundamental to this. As the idolatries almost universally recognize, changing society without changing people is futile. The church's teaching function has to include a more biblical understanding of society if it is to influence the provision of justice." Herbert Schlossberg Idols For Destruction pages 328-329

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