Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ron Paul at the University of Minnesota

My wife was kind enough to give me the freedom to go to the Ron Paul and Michelle Bachman Townhall last Friday evening. It was a great event, and I was glad to have gone and heard the only politician worth a dime speak.

Michelle Bachman spoke on the Federal Reserve for around fifteen minutes, I'd say, and as Ron Paul himself said, there wasn't much to add. She did a great job exposing it, and she certainly seems to have the fundamentals down regarding the Fed's actions.

Ron Paul spoke for more than half an hour, touching on most major issues, demonstrating how they are all connected through illegal government intervention. I found it amusing, and interesting to watch Bachman's reaction to Paul's talk. She was a cheerleader throughout, but when Paul decried the War on Drugs, Bachman had no applause. She was clearly uncomfortable, especially as the crowd roared in approval of Paul.

Anyway, the event was recorded and you may watch it on YouTube.

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