Monday, October 19, 2009

Apathy Toward Looters

Dylan Ratigan is at it again, demonstrating how Goldman Sachs made record profits while the rest of the economy went down the toilet. We're being looted by our government and institutions like Goldman Sachs, and hardly anyone even knows, or even cares.

But the reign of tyranny is hardly over, as Goldman Sachs continues to stretch its tentacles further into the financial markets. Former Goldman Sachs VP, Adam Storch, has been appointed as the Chief Operating Officer of the enforcement unit of the SEC. He joins the ever increasing number of fomer Goldman employees working in the government.

Glenn Greenwald has the scoop at Salon. If you care to know who it is that is robbing you and I, I suggest you read it and do what you can to protect your wallet from these scumbags. But, if you're like most Americans, don't pay attention, don't protect your wealth, and maybe the government will still have enough money left for welfare for you and your family.

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