Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On Lindsey Graham and Cursing

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham got a bit of the townhall treatment on Monday, and he didn't take too kindly for it. He didn't swear, as the title might imply, but he did make some in the audience swear, and he made me want to swear. I nearly titled this post, "Lindsey Graham is an..." but thought better of it.

Here are some choice quotes from the videos below:

  • "I'm not here to please you."
  • "I believe in the marketplace..." He goes on to lecture on how politics work, that those who win, basically get to do what they want when they get into office.
  • "When I win an election, I have an obligation to do what I said I would do when I campaigned."

He then goes on to dismiss a questioner's argument that the Federal government has no role in healthcare by raising the issue of Medicare.

  • "How many people here want to get rid of Medicare?"
Graham goes on lecturing the disagreeable crowd about what Republicans stand for, and then throwing conservative chum into the crowd about being pro-life and against gun control. He thinks he can pacify the crowd with the same old platitudes that Republicans have been throwing to their constituents for decades. But this crowd has clearly had it with Graham. When he upholds his pro-life credentials the crowd yells at him, "Sotomayor!"

Graham continually decries Ron Paul throughout these two videos, at one point saying, "I'm not going to let Ron Paul hijack this party." Graham clearly thinks too highly of himself, thinking he's the GOP's golden goose, who can help any candidate around the country win his election. He repeats this at least twice in the videos.

Lindsey Graham is a complete bastard, and ought to be run out of the Senate on a rail. It is men like Lindsey Graham that have not only ruined the Republican Party, but the country.

A guy in the audience makes a comment about Graham at 3:14 in the first video, and I couldn't agree more with his analysis.

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