Friday, November 13, 2009

Raw Milk

I have come across favorable words for raw milk several times over the last few months, most recently in Joel Salatin's writings. Most recently, I encountered an article written by Joseph Mercola on the health benefits of raw milk. I'm curious if any of my readers have any experience with it.

Those that favor raw milk argue that it is full of nutrition unavailable in pasteurized and homogenized milk. Joseph Mercola writes, "It's not uncommon for people who drink raw milk to report improvement or disappearance of troubling health issues--everything from allergies to digestive trouble to skin problems like eczema." defines real milk as:

  • Coming from real cows, not a specific Holstein bred for quantity, not quality
  • Coming from cows that eat real food--namely grass during spring and summer, and hay, silage, and root vegetables during winter
  • Unpasteurized
  • Not Homogenized
  • Contains butterfat
  • Contains no additives
I have requested a book from the library entitled, "The Untold Story of Milk that looks to be a good source of information on the topic.

If you want to read up on raw milk online there are many good resources including this one and this one.

I also recommend watching this video:

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sknoepke said...

I liked a few articles that I read from Dr. Mercola. I have since subscribed to his newsletter. And now, I find him to be an alarmist. My only point is: Don't sign up for his "newsletter", or rather his alarmist-supplement pushing-email-advertisement

I don't have any experience with Raw Milk. I have had milk from grass fed cows that was pasteurized. It was very tasty.

John said...

Scott, I have seen many articles by Joseph Mercola from the same source as this article. I too have been put off by some of much of what he says. I appreciate the warning.