Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Obama the Bankster

Matt Taibbi writes in Rollingstone concerning Barack Obama's change from progressive candidate to bankster. I commend the piece to you, as it documents Obama's fealty to the looters in Wall Street over the rest of America.

While the health care bill is a monstrosity, we must not lose sight of the looting being overseen by Wall Street, the Treasury Department, and the Fed. These are just as ominous a threat as socialized medicine.

Taibbi concludes, "What's most troubling is that we don't know if Obama has changed, or if the influence of Wall Street is simply a fundamental and ineradicable element of our electoral system. What we do know is that Barack Obama pulled a bait-and-switch on us. If it were any other politician, we wouldn't be surprised. Maybe it's our fault, for thinking he was different."

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