Friday, January 22, 2010

Arguments For Christians in Public Schools

" of the most common arguments in favor of sending Christian children to the government schools is what might be called the "salt and light" argument. Our children are having a good influence there--maybe not on the institution as a whole, but they still have an evangelistic presence. A few quick answers. First, the argument is not true. The unbelievers are having a far more profound impact on our children than our children have on them. Secondly, evangelism is not a duty to be undertaken without training and teaching. Parents use this as a reason, but they acknowledge the need for preparation to be salt and light in other settings. Who sends their kids to Vacation Bible School run by the Mormons in order that they might be salt and light? Who sends their eight-year-old to India to be a missionary? The reason they do not is because training, preparation, and education are necessary in order to be salt and light. Preparation is necessary.

Other parents settle for a good deal less. They point to the (indisputable) evidence that some Christian kids survive their experience in the government schools. This is quite true, but it is also a perverse argument. People survive plane crashes, too, and cancer. This is not an argument for them. There is no point to playing a game when all you are going to do is play defense."

Doug Wilson The Case For Classical Christian Education pg. 59

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