Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Christian Rebuke for Libertarians

Peter Leithart, whom I have linked to a couple times recently, has written a biblical rebuke against Christian libertarians. It is a good argument, and one that must be reckoned with.

"David’s poem challenges not only the libertarianism represented by Norquist’s coalition but strikes more generally at widespread and even fundamental convictions of American politics. The claim that the purpose of government is to secure and protect goods that are already enjoyed by the people rests on the assumption that these goods are achievable apart from government, and this rests on the social contract myth that society is prior to government, a myth bolstered by sociology. As Oliver O’Donovan has pointed out, however, societies are “politically formed” and “depend on the art of government.

All this means that the Bible ought not be enlisted in support of Leave-Us-Alonism. Rather, the Bible exposes its folly: Leave-Us-Alonism ignores the goods that flow from the “necessary good” of government. It is a program for blotting out the sun and a plea to be left in darkness."

Read it all.

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