Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Conservative Backlash

Doug Wilson is concerned about the coming conservative backlash against Obama in the coming election cycles. It is a long post, but as always, worth the time. Here is the thrust of his argument:

"Right now, Obama is in the White House, and he really is proposing demented things. But America is far more foundationally conservative than people usually believe, and I believe that a conservative backlash of very large proportions is building. And here is my point: for Christians, this is not to be treated as an automatic good. Whatever the temporary relief ("oh, good, our queen is safe"), we have to have our eye on the game, not on the move. Okay, so the lunatics are currently running the asylum -- or as Mencken once described it, democracy is the art of running the zoo from the monkey house -- and we are due for a reaction in which some sane grown-ups will take control of the asylum again. If and when that happens, conservative Christians are in very great danger of going back into their slumbering consent to an idolatrous regime, just so long as it is run by sane grown-ups and doesn't insult them overtly."

Read the whole thing.

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1 comment:

Psyclist said...

The continuous sway of the pendulum...at one end is total republican control and the other total democratic control. Neither extreme lasts long because, strangely, not everyone has the same ideals. As one political ideology gains too much power, the natural tendancy is for those upset with that power to react at the polls. No good for the county will come when either party holds the presidency, house, and senate.

And so, the cycle continues and the pendulum will swing away from the democratic extreme.