Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Clueless Republicans

I've been trashing on Republicans on this blog for some time now. David Frum has just given me more fodder. Frum doesn't like that Ron Paul won the strawpoll at the CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) over the weekend. So he took the time to write an anti-Paul piece aimed directly at Paul's insistence on commodity money.

Frum writes, "Imagine now if the gold standard were in operation today. The federal government would be scrambling to balance its budget in the midst of recession, cutting spending and raising taxes. Instead of pumping money into the economy, the Federal Reserve would be sucking money out. Priority 1 would not be creating and saving jobs, but preserving the nation's gold hoard."

Frum clearly does not understand that the government can do nothing to actively promote wealth. He describes the purpose of the Federal Reserve as "pumping money into the economy" and he even goes on to say argue that the government has the ability of "creating and saving jobs."

Frum was a speechwriter for George W. Bush. This should come as no surprise, as Bush too, was clueless. It is time to ignore establishment Republicans--they are an ignorant bunch that have contributed to the decline of America. It is time to support Ron Paul-like candidates--those who understand how we've gotten into this mess. But more importantly, it is time for America to repent and plead for mercy before our benevolent God, who forgives and exercises mercy.

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