Tuesday, March 30, 2010

College Tuition and Idolatry

Roy Atwood, President of New Saint Andrews College, has a good post concerning college tuition and state idolatry.  

Students who accept federal financial aid for college are eating meat offered to idols.  If their spiritual house is in order, they’re not engaged in idolatry themselves, and their consciences are clear, then God bless them. It’s lawful and not a sin.
However, I believe eating meat offered to idols is not in the same league as helping the idolaters with their meat offerings. In an age of academic and statist idolatry, Christians should be very wary whenever they smell federal financial aid. Now that colleges must deal directly with the feds and have become financial agents of the state, they are at grave risk of blurring the line between eating meat offered to idols and engaging in the idolatry itself. Eating meat offered to idols is one thing. Being an agent for the idolater’s meat business is another. I believe Christian colleges have no business trading in federal financial aid.

Read the whole thing.
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Jordan said...

John, thought provoking. What is the solution, now that the Federal Government has become the only authorized dealer in student financial aid?

John said...


I don't presume to know the whole answer. Yet, I'm compelled to believe that Christian colleges must follow biblical practices in conducting their business. This means not accepting government money in any form.

Of course this would mean significant changes to what the college would be--but that is the solution. There are many implications to this action, and it would take time for it to all play out.

But this would be the kind of reformational activity long over due for Christian colleges.

New Saint Andrews is a leader in this respect, operating a college without any government money.