Friday, March 05, 2010

Good Words From Pope John Paul II

I'm not one to quote the Pope, but I encountered this quote from Pope John Paul II in Dominion. I think he has captured much of what is wrong with the world:

"In his desire to have and to enjoy rather than to be and to grow, man consumes the resources of the earth and his own life in an excessive and disordered way. At the root of the senseless destruction of the natural environment lies an anthropological error, which unfortunately is widespread in our day. Man, who discovers his capacity to transform and in a certain sense create the world through his own work, forgets that this is always based on God's prior and original gift of the things that are. Man thinks that he can make arbitrary use of the earth, subjecting it without restraint to his will, as though it did not have its own requisites and a prior God-given purpose, which man can indeed develop but most not betray. Instead of carrying out his role as a cooperator with God in the work of creation, man sets himself up in place of God and thus ends up provoking rebellion on the part of nature, which is more tyrannized than governed by him."

Pope John Paul II, as quoted by Matthew Scully's book Dominion page 23. The quote is originally from Centesimus Annus: Encyclical Letter of Pope John Paul II on the 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum, reprinted in Catholic International, Vol. 2, No. 3.

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