Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Idolatry of Science

Science is presented as an objective method of understanding our world, free from the prejudices of religion.  Yet this music video makes clear that science is actually in direct competition with God. 


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Pilgrim said...

Simultaneously beautiful and disgusting.

John said...

My thoughts exactly.

Pilgrim said...

Stream of consciousness:

So few Christians doing science as it ought to be done.

Can't wait til redeemed science in New Heavens and New Earth.

What a struggle we have discerning rightful place and claims of science vs. God.

Ancient Christians must have felt at times that the claims of [insert false god here]'s cult were damn-near unassailable.

Present-day Christians in India, Egypt, Indonesia, Thailand, must feel similar pressure to buckle to the truth claims of Hindus, Muslims, animists, Buddhists, etc.

Oh, for our Father to display his supremacy over all gods! Can't wait for faith to be sight!

Thanks brother.