Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Historicist Determinism

I am in the proces of re-reading Herbert Schlossberg's Idols For Destruction.  It has been nearly a year since I first read it, and readers that have been with me since then know that I regard the book highly and have already blogged about it considerably. 

This post marks a new series in quotations from the book that I did not quote in my first series on the book.  I hope you find these quotes beneficial in continuing to formulate a Christian worldview.


“Historicism, in taking freedom out of the historical experience, parallels similar tendencies in the social sciences that make it impossible to retain the Christian conviction that people are responsible and accountable for what they do. If there is no freedom to do this or that, how can it be said that responsibility inheres in the person who does something or refrains from doing it? Here is a philosophy made to order for a generation of intellectuals infatuated with Niebuhr’s teaching that doing evil is inevitable, that one’s choices can do no more than mitigate its severity.” (Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction, p. 15).

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Pilgrim said...

My tour through this awesome - truly awesome - work was interrupted two weeks ago. I hope to pick it back up soon.

John said...

I'm glad to know that you're working your way through it. It is an amazing work.

The breadth of the book is astounding.