Wednesday, July 21, 2010

There is No Reason Apart from God

“Idolizing nature, whether we think it all material or all spiritual, leads us down the blind alley of the Kantian dualism. Those of an older generation usually choose the phenomenal fork and end up in one of the scientisms, such as behaviorism. In this view, life began by chance chemical encounters in the rich primordial soup that once covered the earth; developed into higher forms through the genetic selection of characteristics that enhanced survival; produced the human species; and eventually will pass into extinction.

This picture is drawn entirely from materialist premises, without the interposition of the spirit or mind. It depends, however, on rational inferences from the observed facts. Yet it gives us no cause to believe that reason exists except as a fortuitous advent in the continuous and meaningless flux, on that may disappear soon, to be replaced by another biological event. Reason is thus discredited as a reliable interpreter of reality by a system whose very formulation depends on the rational process.

If the noumenal path is chosen, we end up in the miasma of mysticism, merging with the cosmos, teasing gods and demands out of the subconscious, deliberately cultivating the irrational. This is the murder of reason. It should be no surprise that our age is filled with the recrudescence of superstitions that the scientific revolution was thought to have conquered with the proud victory of phenomena. Society is awash with witchcraft, astrology, reincarnation, magic, alchemy, and hallucinatory drugs.” (Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction, p. 164-165).

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