Monday, August 02, 2010

Free Indeed

“When Jesus spoke about the truth’s making men free (John 8:32), it was in the context of faith and discipleship and had nothing to do with the reasons these words are inscribed on the lintels of twentieth-century American libraries. Christian freedom stems from the separation of the creation and the Creator; from the repudiation of a demiurge that binds man to the ground of his being ; from the rejection of determinisms and the affirmation of responsibility; and from the limitations on Caesar, the declaration that he is a creature, and the removal of the divine status that he continually seeks to acquire. Christian liberty rests on the foundation that man’s responsibility to God may not be abridged or compromised by lesser loyalties. This is the conviction that made it possible for Peter to say that he would obey God rather than man, and thus relativizes all human powers. When loyalty to God disappears, there is no longer a barrier to an omnicompetent state. Social democracy makes society increasingly dependent upon the state for continued sustenance, thereby cementing its bondage. That is the wisdom in Chesterton’s definition of despotism as a “tired democracy.” (Herbert Schlossberg, Idols for Destruction, p. 228-229).

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