Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Freedom's Dependency

"I believe in a judiciary not cooperating with any economic or social programs (as President Roosevelt has intimated that the judiciary is doing now) but a judiciary resolutely refusing to cooperate, a judiciary quite independent of popular clamor, unswerved by any plea of necessity, interpreting the law and the law alone, upholding the high principles of the Constitution through fair weather and foul, guaranteeing to the humblest citizen his inalienable rights against Congress and against the President and against the overwhelming weight of temporary public opinion.

“Today this American liberty of ours is very rapidly being destroyed. In the process of its destruction, we are learning something that we ought to have known perfectly well all along--namely, that freedom is dependent ultimately upon what is in the hearts of the people. Freedom is not safe if it is written only with ink in the Constitution. It must be written also in the fleshly tables of the heart. No country can be permanently free unless the love of freedom is ingrained in the very souls of its people." --- J. Gresham Machen, Education, Christianity, and the State pages 137-138

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